Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Upper Reservoir - Last man standing!

I couldn't resist heading down to the Reservoir for the opening day of the Pike season, I sauntered down there though and I arrived around 10.30ish. I wasn't alone in wanting to fish there on the opening day, fellow blogger Paddy Swift had a great session, you can read his report here in fact I knew most of the lads that were fishing on the members section of the water. I started the session by fishing on the tip to collect some bait, and would you believe it, bites were pretty hard to come by, most ironic as it was a bite a chuck the day before. I treated today's session as a dusting down day, I wasn't in a rush to get the Pike rods out, my first Pike of the winter season was a Jack Pike of around 2lb's my second fish was another Jack Pike of around 3lb's. Both fish came on a Sunken paternoster rig, which leads me back to my point of a dusting down day, as I'd never used this rig before, so it was pleasing to get an instant result. I also had a run on a deadbait rod I struck into it but didn't set the hooks, Damn! I stayed until dark and as far as I know I was the last person on the water. I'm looking forward to some decent sessions on here over the winter

Rods waiting for action