Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A few trips to the Reservoir

Sunday 6th September.....

Myself, Alan and Panto headed to the Upper Reservoir for the last few hours of the day, the weather was lousy, but as usual expectations were high. They needn't have been, as we all blanked! Catching bait on this water is starting to become a rather hard task, somewhat ironic, as when a few weeks earlier I was catching fish for fun. There was one catch worth mentioning though, Panto hooked into what he thought was a good fish, imagine his and our surprise when he landed a massive black member, one has to ask why and how that has found it's way into the reservoir? It was laughs all around I can tell you that much, and as I said, "You are what you catch" :)


I kept to my word and had another session on the water, now I'm starting to notice a bit of a feeding pattern on here, and the Pike seemingly come on the feed from around 10am in the morning and finish at around 3pm. Seems daft doesn't it, but there is definitely something in this. It pretty much renders early set up sessions a waste of time. Nevertheless I will probably still have the odd early session just to see.

I fished from around 10.30am until dusk tonight, the result was one Pike of around three pounds. This was caught on the sunken paternoster rig, this rig is producing fish, but as yet nothing of size. Interestingly I have only had one fish on dead baits on this water so far, but it's worth noting that it was also the biggest fish that I have caught on here to date.

Fishing on the tip was once again, pretty hard going, I did catch a decent Perch of around a pound though for my efforts.

Alan, my very keen apprentice couldn't resist an ad hock session and sneak up behind me while I was fishing, man this is one keen fisherman, despite his efforts though he wasn't treated to any action. 6 rods out in the water between us this afternoon and no not so much as a dropped-run. My mid-morning to early afternoon feeding window seems to be backing up.