Monday, 29 September 2008

Kenny's quest for a Pike part 4. JOB DONE!

Now there is one thing that you can't accuse Kenny of, and that is determination. After around half a dozen Pikeless sessions last year, and finally giving up the ghost around October. This year a new and enthusiastic Kenny has embraced the world of Piking. Today was to be Kenny's fourth Piking trip of the season. The last three sessions, have proven to be fruitless to say the least. kenny can often be heard saying "Just a run would be nice" in fact I'd guess that the highlight of Kenny's Piking sessions so far, are without a doubt the Sausage and Egg Barms that I've been serving up on the bank side. Today hopefully was to be his day. We were setting up on the bank by around 6.45am. Kenny opting for Beef's usual peg and I went for my usual swim. Kenny was fishing in both the near margin and the far margin hoping that a Pike patrolling either side would find his bait. I recommended to him that he forget the far margin and fish both rods close in, as this swim seem to produce more fish from under your feet. Around 20 minutes later, he was in! Sure enough the bait he'd only just moved was under investigation. I talked him through when and how to strike, (I'm not sure whether he heard me or not, because he'd already entered what I call 'The Zone' This is where you are totally oblivious to the outside world, and the only thing that matters is catching the fish. You can be in 'The Zone' for quite a while after the catch. Classic signs are, Stepping on tackle, Breaking things, Visibly Shaking, Setting up your rod incorrectly, and an ear to ear smile.) He wound down onto the fish , felt the weight and whoomph! A strike that I'd have been proud of. His line was kept tight, a battle ensued and soon the Pike was in the net. He'd done it! Finally he'd caught his first ever Pike. And what a cracker it was too. A good strong hard fighting fish. And his first Pike was a double weighing an impressive 10lb 2 oz. He couldn't believe his luck. It was a textbook capture to boot, the hooks caught just in the scissors of it's jaw. I would think that it will take quite a while for kenny to beat his new PB, but one thing is for sure he'll definitely be back on the bank trying. Well done Ken you deserve it. As for me? Not a touch! Out fished by a Bung!

Kenny's Cracker 10lb 2oz

Friday, 26 September 2008

Kenny's quest for a Pike part 3

Another session was arranged with Beef and Kenny, this was to be their third session with me, and as yet neither has caught. They're becoming more and more determined, today was going to their day surely? The last time we went Piking, we sat for over 14 hours without any sign of a Pike. Today I baited up cast out my line and had a fish on the bank within 5 minutes, a good size fish and my biggest of the season so far, it weighed 9lb 8oz. Within an hour and a half I was in again, this time a smaller fish of 7lb 10oz, but it wasn't happy and gave a very good account of it self. As for Beef and Kenny, today wasn't to be their day after all, and once again they both blanked. They must be starting to hate me :-) I've arranged to have another session with kenny on Monday.

(26 Sep 2008) (Moon Rise 03.14) (Moon Set 17.39) (Moon Phase N/A)

Quickest Dead Bait Catch ever

7lb 10oz

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Not Over The Moon


After witnessing me catch three Pike on our last outing, Beef and Kenny were keen to get amongst the catches. I arrived on the bank at 5.30am and they soon followed. Traps were set and we waited eagerly for one of our rods to signal a take. We waited and waited and waited, in fact we waited a staggering 14 hours and in this time Beef had the only take of the session, but the fish came off on the strike, an over ambitious Jack Pike perhaps? Another angler tried his luck on three rods and he was using live baits, eventually admitting defeat by packing up before us. They were just not interested in feeding today no matter what we tried. Interestingly the Moon Phase had finished it's cycle. So kenny's quest for his first ever Pike continues, another trip for Friday has been planned.

Date. 23/09/08. (Moonrise. N/A) (Moonset. 16.34) (Moon phase Finished)

The same cycle of the month in August I fished at my local Reservoir and between myself and Ben we had one fish. I will try and fish the same Moon Cycle next month and I will log the results on here. The new Moon Phase starts on Monday.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

First Match Of The Pike League Produces 0-0 Bore Draw

Ben and I have decided to add a little spice to our Piking season this year. We are going to have a League table. Points will be awarded on Pike weight, for example if a Pike was caught and weighed 10lb's, 10 points would be awarded to whoever caught it. The holder of the biggest capture of the season will be awarded a bonus 11 points. The prize paid in cash will be awarded to the winner. The prize will be the difference in points paid in cash. So today was to be the first match of the season. The season ends on March 14th the last day you can fish before the season finishes. We arrived before dawn and eagerly awaited a catch and to put some points on the board. Typically though, when we put pressure on a catch, we both managed to blank.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

First Dead Baiting Session Of The Season

Today was to be the first Dead Baiting session of the season. I'd arranged to meet Beef, kenny, and Charlie on our local drain. My alarm was set for 5am and I was on the bank by 6am. Beef was the first to arrive, and we were rods in by 6.15am. Kenny and Charlie arrived soon after. Traps were set and we eagerly awaited for one of our alarms to indicate a take. We didn't have to wait too long as I was to be the first to receive a take. My left rod was in. I wound down on to the fish and felt a decent sized lump at the end. The Pike didn't put up too much of a fight which was a little disappointing. It weighed 9lb not the biggest fish in the drain, but a good start to the season non the less. I was in again within the hour. This time a much harder fighting fish but it weighed a little less at 8lb 2oz, this Pike was unusual as it was covered in red markings. Finally I caught a third fish, a Jack Pike of around 3lbs. As for my fellow fishing companions, Beef received 2 takes but both fish came off during the fight. Charlie had one suspected take. Sadly Kenny didn't get so much as a beep.

First Pike of the season 9lb.
Thanks for telling me my hat was wonky mate!
Red Flanked 8lb 2oz

Jack Pike of around 3lb's

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Final night session of the year, Ben goes out with a bang

Ben's New Carp PB 16lb 5oz

Myself and Ben headed for what could possibly be our last night session of the season. We went to our usual pegs and set up camp for the night. There wasn't much action to be had. I had a smallish Carp on at around 5.30am which I lost at the net. Despite staying an extra sneaky night The only other fish I had was a Bream of around 3lb's. Ben however caught a great fish, and caught a new PB a Fully Scaled Mirror Carp which weighed an impressive 16lb 5oz. He also kind of caught another Mirror Carp of around 9lb. Something unexplainable happened. I'll leave it at that.

A spot of fishing in Sorrento

While I was away on holiday I was feeling the urge to wet a line. So I came up with the idea that If I could find a fishing tackle shop then I would Buy some line and hooks, and try my hand at some Hand line Fishing. And that is exactly what I did. I Caught a few fish, but it certainly wasn't as easy as it looked. I fished mainly on bread, but the fish seemed to have the knack of eating all the bait and somehow managing to avoid the hook. As the water was so clear I could see how they were feeding. Interestingly once the bait hit the bottom they were not interested. They seemed to favour competing for their food up in the water. I would chuck a few freebies into the sea, and each time small fish would appear, but they would soon be out muscled by bigger fish. I hooked into a couple of decent sized fish the biggest being some nice looking Mullet. Each of the bigger fish always shook the hook, and with me not having a rod i was unable to play the fish. There are some beautiful fish in the sea at Sorrento. Here are a few pictures of some that I caught. I had some great fun doing it too!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Night Session 'Billy No Mates'

As the Carping season is coming to an end I intend on cramming in as many sessions as I can. And with a vacation planned for next week opportunities are running out. So I headed down on my own to my local Carp Water. I set up around 2pm and planned to stay for at least a night. Beef came down for a chat and stayed for several hours. My first run came just as it was getting dark. I'd hooked into a Mirror of around 10lb's. I'd just settled down and was chatting to Beef when a figure was approaching from the woods. Another Carper was heading for another late night session. I wasn't to be alone! "Alright Lads" was his greeting, and only when he was around 5 feet away was it clear as to who it was. It was Ben! He'd decided to pay a surprise visit. Not wishing to miss out on any of the action. I may add at this point that he'd just acquired a new set of alarms and receiver, and will have been dying to try them out. Alas his efforts were in vain as we were to have a very quiet night indeed. Not so much as a beep! Morning soon came and Ben made his way to work, and promised himself that he'd never night fish again when he has work in the morning. We'll see about that. It's at this point that I should have packed up too. But I didn't I stayed the rest of the day, through pouring rain and thunder storms. Just my luck. I had a couple more runs, and lost a couple of fish, before finally calling it a night around 10ish at night. Not the best Carping session I have ever had but certainly not the worst.