Thursday, 3 September 2009

Better session on Upper Reservoir

6am and I peeked through the curtains and checked the weather, Christ! It was absolutely chucking it down and blowing a gale too boot. I did the sensible thing and went back to bed, no fishing for me today. 9am and another look out of the window, no change. But the thought was there, should I? Could I? In this weather! Surely not! I'd have to be mental! Stuff it I'm going fishing. I made my way to the Upper Reservoir , avoiding the Sluice, as after all the rain we've had it will surely be pumping and coloured up - rendering Pike fishing useless.

As I arrived at Rivington I was greeted by a madman waving frantically at me, what did he want? I ignored him obviously. I then realised what he was trying to tell me, the road ahead was flooded and there was no way I could get through. I quickly found an alternative route and went about setting up. I fished 2 deadbait rods and 1 livebait rod on a sunken paternoster rig. The first rod to go was the deadbait rod, something had taken a liking to a Joey Mackerel. I was into a good lump too, not much of a fight but still a pleasing site when she was on the bank.

So to the photo, I sacked her up and returned her to the water while I prepared to weigh her and take a quick snap, all was going well when disaster, as I picked her up out of the water she slipped out of my hands and made good her escape, instinctively (Stupidly) I chased into the water after her, why would I do this? But I did. What a sight I must have looked legging it into the drink waving my net. Damn! So my best fish out this Reservoir and there is no photo to show for it. Never mind - it's the catch that matters not the photo. For the record I'd put the weight at around 12 to 13 pounds. A few hours later my livebait rod was away, a Pike of around 5lb's the result. So that was the end of my Pike catches for the day, despite staying until the edge of dark.

Oh dear!

Not the biggest fish of the session :(