Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Suspended deads save the day again.

A lazy start today, I ended up on the drains around 10am and I was pretty surprised to see that it had coloured up since the weekend. We hadn't had that much rain so I take it there must have been some water pumped in from somewhere.

On the whole the fishing was pretty quiet. I did catch 2 Jack Pike though. I recognised the first fish as the Pike that Paddy had caught on October 10th, and that I'd previously caught on October 21st. The Pike is easily recognised, as when Paddy was about to land the fish a commotion followed and it sustained some severe damage from a seemingly much bigger and rather opportunist Pike.

I'm pleased to say that the nasty gash that it had - has healed up nicely. Both Pike were caught on suspended dead's. This method does seem to catch a few fish as opposed to laying baits on the bottom perhaps going unnoticed in murky water.

Damage 21-10-09

Damage 16-12-09

Saturday, 12 December 2009

An end to a rotten month

Well it's been a while since I last blogged my fishing exploits. The weather throughout the month of November was absolutely terrible, records will show that November 2009 was the wettest since records began. The drains became completely unfishable, and coloured fast moving water does not make for good Pike fishing conditions.

I did spend some time fishing though, I fished my new water several times, but I didn't manage to winkle anything off.

This week the weather eased off and finally the rain that has plagued our skies came to an end.

I fished the drains a couple of times this week, I drew a blank on my first outing - but I finally put an end to my barren spell on Friday by landing three fish to 12lb 2oz.

Saturday :
I arranged to meet Ben for a session on the drains. But A rather uneventful day wasn't what we'd planned. We didn't get so much as a dropped run between us. We were not alone in our failings though as everyone else that was Piking also struggled to land fish today. It's a funny old game this piking lark isn't it!

The best thing about one of my blanks

Back on the Pike 12lb 2oz

Around 9lb's
The fog descended in minutes