Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Weather Man Lies Again,and my first Pike of the year

According to the BBC weather report. Weather wise today would be a nothing day. Their point was that it would be calm, no wind, no rain, no sun, just a dull overcast day. That would do me just fine. So I headed off to the Sluice and made good of the conditions. However...... After around an hour or so the nothing day, turned into heavy rain and gusting winds. Now what's all that about? Luckily I had my stealth brolly in the van, so I set up shelter, and from that point I was rather cosy. After a few hours of my brolly being battered by the wind, my thoughts turned to packing up. But I had another thought mulling through my mind. I started thinking about the other times I have fished in similar conditions that I was experiencing, and I remembered that I always seem to catch when it starts to blow a hooligan and chuck it down. I was to be proven right, at around mid-day and seemingly against all the odds, my float was under and away. Finally I was in! My first Pike of the year was on the bank, photographed, and back in the water within minutes. (Not a bad self take photo I may add) I didn't weigh it but she was around 9lb. I stayed until around 4 o'clock but there wasn't any more action.

First but defintely not the last of the year

Sunday, 25 January 2009

First Pike league Match Of The Year

Well today was to be our first and very long over due Pike match of the year. The weather conditions that we have had so far this year have been dreadful. We settled on a different stretch of the Sluice today, as there was a match on the pegs we were going to fish. Well in a nutshell the fishing was slow, but damn that Ben! He managed to sneak some points on the board by landing himself a 5lb and 7lb Pike. Note to self! Don't let him grab the best swim next time. It was though pretty obvious that he was going to catch. The swim that he chose is positioned right on the edge of a reed bed and an inlet. In the interest of fair play that's my peg next time Benny Boy! By my obvious grumpy tone, you can tell that I didn't catch today, and apart from a Pike of only a few ounces that I caught when on the canal with Gordie a couple of weeks previously I have as yet not landed a Pike this year. Terrible behaviour :-(

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pike on a Bike

I've dusted down the mountain bike pumped up it's tyre's, and decided to put it to good use. Throughout the spring months I will head down to the canal and I will call this practice 'Pike on a bike' it will be my humble attempt at getting myself a bit fitter. So I packed my lure gear on to my bike and positioned my rod so that I could manage to cycle safely, and I headed off to the Canal at Sollom. It took me around 15 minutes to get there, and I was soon fishing, well casting. I covered quite a stretch of the water but I wasn't to be treated to any Pike or indeed Perch. I decided in my infinite wisdom to head home the long way. Needless to say by the time that I got home I was completely knackered. I over did it a little bit, not only was it the first time out on my bike in the last three years I was also foolish enough to head out without any liquids to quench my thirst. I was a little dehydrated to say the least Note to self next time pack a bottle of water!

Friday, 2 January 2009

2008 A Great Year's Fishing

Well the year has come to an end, and it was a year that saw me on the bank probably around 150 times or so. One thing is for sure I certainly caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun doing so. The highlight of my sessions would be the guided trip with Gord Burton and the 26lb Pike that I caught on Windermere, and not far behind that would be my first double off The Southport Drains a Pike of 12lb 9oz. I also had some great Carping sessions, my biggest of the season was 14lb 4oz . The best of the sessions coming from a water I joined late into the season, but I had some great sessions on there. The 12lb Sturgeon that I caught from Beacon View fishery is another capture worth mentioning. I had quite a few Tench off the sluice, mostly caught on the tip rod, with bread, and also some cracking Bream from the Canal at Sollom.

Total Pike caught =55


26lb, 12lb 10oz, 12lb 9oz, 12lb 8oz, 10lb 7oz, 10lb 4oz

PIKE 7lb And Over

9lb 80z, 9lb 0oz , 9lb 0oz, 8lb 14oz, 8lb 12oz, 8lb 10oz, 8lb 8oz,

8lb 8oz, 8lb 20z, 7lb 12oz, 7lb 10oz, 7lb 80z


14lb 4oz, 13lb 15oz, 13lb 04oz, 10lb 6oz, 10lb 0oz