Monday, 31 August 2009

A session on the tip at Rivington

A change of scenery today, and a pretty early start as myself and Alan headed off to Upper Rivington for the day. We arrived around 5am still dark enough to be setting up with our head torches. Along with my tip rod I also fished 2 ledger rods on alarms, the results on the ledger rods were rather disappointing, I caught one Roach the whole session, there was a heart stopping moment though, when one of my alarms signalled a strong take - I was in! But into what? Seemingly a Skimmer had taken a liking to my double corn offering, not being strong enough to pull the line, had lay tethered until a snack hungry Pike had spotted it, all was revealed when the Pike let go of the bait and pulled out of the fight, the ill fated Skimmer floated to the surface and I was left with a thumping heart and a bemused look to match. Thankfully the tip fishing was much better, catching my first fish on my first cast within around 20 seconds pointed to the possibility of a decent session. It was quite literally a bite a chuck, bites sometimes coming as soon as my bait hit the water. I had a mixed bag of fish, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Hybrids and Skimmers. I have to say that the Rudd in this water are stunning, completely fin perfect, no monsters caught on this session but a good selection of Hybrids of around a pound were plentiful. So a good session then, I'm really looking forward to getting around to Piking on this water, so much so I may go back again tomorrow morning

A fine RuddJustify Full
Al looking for those big Bream