Saturday, 5 September 2009

Upper Reservoir - Team Snig & Snag

I somehow managed to convince an equally mad about fishing friend of mine - going by the name of 'Johnny Panto' to join me on an early start and early finish session on Upper reservoir this morning. 5am at mine was the arrangement and we agreed to fish until 12.30pm. We arrived in good time, early enough to require a head torch to set up. I'd like to finish reporting the blog from this point, sadly though as honest as I am I shall continue............

Despite my efforts this morning I drew a blank. Panto caught three in total, there I said it. 'The Snag Unit' caught two on his lure rod, and one on a deadbait rod. His best fish being around 7lb's. I was taught a lesson today though and that is to bring my lure rod next time. Damn!