Thursday, 24 September 2009

Quiet session but another double

I have a tonne of paperwork to get through, and fishing was the last thing I should be doing today. However after learning that Allan had the day off from work..... Well it would be rude not to wouldn't it.

We decided to give the Sluice another bash, it has come to our attention that Allan hasn't been doing too well on the Sluice for Pike of late, checking back on the blog revealed that the last time Allan had a Pike off the Sluice was in fact the end of June, he won't be happy by this statistic - he is though a very determined angler and I can guarantee that he will accept this as a personal challenge, there is no way he will let the water get the better of him.

It wasn't long before my float was under and the first action of the day was a decent Pike another easy double of around 11 pounds or so was my trophy.

I decided to leave the feeder rod behind and instead I fished on the pole, I had much better luck using this method, it would seem that a little finesse and lighter rigs are going to have to be the way forward from now on, it's a bit of a hassle taking the pole equipment when I'm off Piking but if needs must.

Despite staying until the edge of dark - the fish that I had early in the day was the only Pike that was caught during this session, I did pull out of another take, no great loss though as it was only a Jack.

Allan was left wondering why lady luck was punishing him again- "She's being very cruel to me" was a phrase that was muttered a few times during the day -and that perhaps the Piking gods were teaching him a lesson and bringing him back to earth after his fabulous catch the other week. There is one thing for sure, and that is - if every time you went Piking you were guaranteed a Pike, you'd soon stop going, the sessions that leave you scratching your head and wondering when the next fish is coming, are the reasons why we go back time and time again.

Thanks for the hat check mate :)