Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Can't catch - Won't catch

I've had a few tough sessions of late, and would make pretty boring reading, so I've crammed them down into one post to make it less painful. Here goes................

Sunday saw myself and Ben head to the reservoir, a few fish on the tip and one Pike that managed to shake me free was the highlight of the day. Ben didn't get so much as a run.

Monday and a trip back to the Sluice, I arrived at around 10.30 ish and catching fish on the tip was almost impossible, I managed around 6 fish the whole session. My first fish - a decent Roach was just about to glide into my net when out of the blue a Pike struck. It didn't make off with the fish though and I was left with a pretty sorry state of a bait. The damage Pike's teeth can do in an instant is phenomenal.

I had one run on the Pike rod, alas like the session before this fish also came off.

Tuesday and myself and Allan arranged to meet at the Sluice, we settled on fishing a section at Sixfields, an area that I haven't been to in a while. First cast on the tip and I realised we'd made a mistake in our location, the amount of weed that is on the bottom rendered fishing on the tip useless, each and every time my maggots were covered in the green stuff. We made the decision to leave and head to the ticket stretch of the match length. I managed to catch 5 decent bait fish, my efforts were in vain though as I didn't get a run on the Pike rod. I had other commitments so an early pack up put an end to another uninspired session.

I have a few ideas for producing fish on the tip, I'll put them into practise on my next outing. I'm blaming the drop in temperature for the poor results on the tip, well I have to blame something, it could be bad angling but I'd never admit to that