Thursday, 10 September 2009

Today is going to be your day mate!

I have fished with many people over the past few years, but I would have to say that Alan has to be the keenest, we arranged that we should meet at my house at 4am! I went outside at around 3.45 to sort my dead baits out , and I was stunned to see that Alan was already sat waiting for me. You've got to hand it to the man, he is certainly committed to the cause.

As we made our way to the reservoir we discussed the tactics that we would use, as well as the sunken float rig we decided ledgered live bait rig was to be given a try out today. As I was setting up - I caught sight of a familiar figure, Johnny Panto was making his way down the embankment, it would seem that the chance of missing out on some action was enough to get the snag out of his bed. We were rods in for first light, a chance to see if the Pike would have an early feeding spell.

Hours came and passed and would you believe it the first pike of the session came just after 10am. A Pike of around 3lb was most welcome as this was Alan's first fish off the Reservoir, another fish caught on a the sunken float rig. Panto was the next to catch, a Pike of around 7lb caught on a dead bait. I was now on the losers bench, much to Panto's delight as he kept reminding me every ten minutes or so. Then it happened, Alan was in again! His alarm was screaming his line was peeling, "Hit that mate" I said. He wound down onto the take, "Oh yesssss" "This feels a good fish" He said. A good fight ensued and after a few minutes we caught a glimpse of the fish, an easy double, I estimated around 15lb. I obviously did my best to bump the fish off, alas she slid into the net, Jesus Christ what a lump, had Alan landed a 20? Not quite - but not too far off. A chance for Al to test out his new Reuben Heaton scales, the needle finally stopped at 18lb and 2oz. What a cracking fish. A couple of pictures later and she was returned back to the water. Al was well and truly in 'The Zone' he was wondering around the bank, unable to return to his fishing for a good half hour. Every now and again he would come to check with me to confirm what really happened?

A cracking fish mate, and well deserved, funny that on the way to the water this morning, I predicted that today was going to be his day. I finally came off the losers bench by landing a Pike of around 6lb's another fish taken on the Sunken float. All fish were caught between 10am and 3pm. Coincidence? I don't think so, feeding pattern? Possibly.

So today was indeed to be Alan's day, a fish that he worked hard for and a day that he'll not forget in a hurry, one thing that I have forgotten to mention though mate. "I hate you" :)

Al's first of the day

18lb 2oz Cracking fish

I'm finally off the losers bench