Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Right time - Right place?

You could say that I was chomping at the bit to go fishing today, it's a few days now since I've had chance to wet a line. I had all good intentions for an early(ish) start so I set my alarm for 7am. The alarm played it's merry tune that it was programmed to do, but I mumbled and fumbled and went back to sleep until just after 8, what a lazy git!

I eventually arrived at the Sluice at around 9.30am, not to worry though as the Pike can be as lazy as me sometimes, often only going on the feed late morning - this in mind then, I didn't rush setting up.

I fished two dead bait rods, one of which was baited up with a bait that seems to be producing a few fish for me at the moment. (Don't ask me what it is I won't tell you) :) Within half an hour the producing bait rod was in, a strong take - as soon as the float went under the bait runner stripped line. I've noticed in the past that the strong takes that strip line off the reel often result in a bigger fish. This was one angry Pike, seemingly taking offence in to being duped by my too good to be true free offering on the floor, at one moment taking to leap three to four feet out of the water trying to shake the hooks, an awesome sight.

Once on the bank I deemed it worth the effort to take out the Reuben Heatons, the needle finally settling on 14lb 2oz. A good fish and the best of the Autumn/Winter campaign to date

The pole produced quite a few fish, enough to keep a plentiful supply of bait, ironically I didn't get one take today on live baits, the only Pike of the session once again coming on a dead bait.

In summary.... Another session, that depite being there all day only produced the one Pike - albeit by drain standards a pretty decent one. Like the thread title suggests, is it a case of being in the right place at the right time? Was there only one Pike in the area that I fished today? If I'd arrived earlier would I have had more sport? Who knows, but one things for sure I'll soon be back there

14lb 2oz