Monday, 21 February 2011

Some fishing!

I've fished a few times over the last week, I thought it was about time I blogged about it.

Last week I had my first pole session of the year on the Canal. I was please with the results. I caught around 20 Roach during my shortish session. I also landed a couple of Pike, neither of which I could be bothered to take the camera out for.


It was time for me to give the drains another bash. A phone call to Panto the night before had inspired me to get back on the Sluice. The River fishing season is nearing it's end, time to cram a few sessions in.

I decided to fish one swim and stay there for the duration. I had five runs and landed three Pike in total. The biggest Pike being around 8lb's or so. Not a bad session albeit a short one.


Back to the drains, and foolishly I decided to fish the same peg as the day before. The result? A painful blank. Panto fared a little better by landing the only fish of the day, a Pike of between 7 and 8lb's


An early start and a new venue for myself and Panto. I dusted the tip fishing gear down and tried my luck at catching a few silvers. I had a few bites but only landed one Roach for my troubles. As for the Pike both myself and Panto were left wanting. A tough and bitterly cold day with little to show for it. I think we will head back there in a few weeks when the weather has warmed up a little. It's a long way to go for a one ounce Roach.

The comfort zone... When out fishing a new venue I often touch upon the subject of the 'Comfort Zone' by this I mean that it can be a bit of a wretch trying unknown waters especially if the fishing is slow. If I'd fished one of my regular waters today I'd have probably caught. The attraction of catching an upper 20 though is certainly an incentive to try my luck on a different venue.


Back to the drains. The conditions were far from perfect. The water was chocolate brown and pumping a little too fast for my liking. I was here now though so I decided to fish it anyway.

A changed tactic today, I opted for the leap frogging technique. I figured that if I was to stand any chance of catching I'd probably have to drop a bait on a Pikes nose. After around 5 hours of fishing and 200 yards of moving swims I did just that. Finally one of my Pike bungs slipped under and I was in! A good fighting fish of around 9 and a half pounds made all my efforts worth while. I was optimistic of another take, but it didn't come. I was treated to a passing visitor whilst on the bank today, a Barn Owl came within a few feet of where I was fishing. It's a regular caller to this area, but this is as close as it's ever got to me. I just about managed to grab a couple of photo's of the occasion.

Friday's Pike

Panto's fish of the day
When the fishing's slow...

Don't ask!

Monday's Pike

A passing Barn Owl

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Daddy! You're in!

A couple of weeks ago my little girl said to me.. . "Dad, do you know I've never seen you catch a Pike" Well I ask you! If that isn't a challenge then I don't know what is?

It was a really mild February day today, good fishing conditions and hopefully I'd be able to show her a Pike or Two.

Given that Ellie is only 8 years old, keeping her entertained and free from boredom would be a task in itself. I was hoping then that the action would come thick and fast. Within 5 minutes Ellie was already asking when the Pike would come. Thankfully within half an hour of setting up a rooting Jack called by and the pressure of catching was lifted.

I was stunned to see her hold the Pike with absolutely no fear whatsoever, indeed I'd say she held the Pike better than most Pikers. The photograph is below, judge for yourself :)

During our Piking session we landed a total of 5 Pike, mostly Jacks but a 7lb 6oz and 8lb 8oz Pike were the pick of the bunch.

The 8lb 8oz Pike was a familiar capture, in fact it's the third time that I seen this Pike in as many weeks. Allan was the first to capture it but regretfully it wasn't weighed, at the time we guessed the weight to be around 7 and a half to 8 pounds. The last time I caught it the scales topped 9lb 2oz. It's interesting to see the fluctuation in weight over a short period of time.

We had a great day's fishing and I shouldn't think it will be too long before I can talk her in to coming again. :)

The smile says it all

Held like a pro

One for Daddy

Thursday, 3 February 2011

When the wind blows...

The weather report for today wasn't making for good reading. I opened the curtains this morning with a little trepidation as to what I may see. Gusting winds and rain were promised but as I peeked outside and observed the sun and blue skies. It seemed that the forecasters looked to have gotten it wrong.

Now I don't mind fishing in most conditions but high winds are certainly my least favourite. I'm convinced that winds and choppy conditions put the Pike off the feed especially on the drains and canals that I fish. My catch rates in high winds certainly back up my theory.

As I arrived at my swim there was a gentle breeze but nothing more. My first rod was baited up with a ledgered Mackerel, incredibly it was only a couple of minutes after casting in that the float was under and away on it's travels. What followed was scrap with a Pike that fought like the devil. These are the moments as to why I come fishing in the first place, that connection with a hard fighting fish is hard to explain unless you've actually experienced it. Well that's what I tell people who ask me as to why I spend half my life staring at a plastic mostly motionless floats for a hobby.

Once landed due to it's long length I thought the fish looked bigger than it actually was. I was surprised to see the needle on the scales stop at 10lb 2oz. Another canal double so I wasn't for complaining, it's not too long ago that I was chasing my first canal double. Since then I've had a fair few and long may that continue.

The morning was still calm a few non threatening scattered clouds hovered above. A buzzard circled over head, an awesome sight easily distinguished by it's vocal call, sadly too high up for me to capture a photo worth publishing on the blog. A Reed Bunting darted past several times, but this little chap was too fast and constantly on the move to have time to pose for a picture.

During the morning 2 more Pike were landed, both of them Jacks and both came on suspended Roach.

And then it the wind came... It grew stronger throughout the morning reaching speeds of 30+mph. As I'd predicted once the gusts came, the runs stopped. Packing up early and going home for a Coffee was too much of a temptation to resist!

A hard fighting double