Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A score to settle

After my nightmare session on the drains on Friday, I decided to head back there today, In my mind I had a score to settle - no Pike and a trip to casualty wasn't the best of memories from my last visit. I arrived at around 11ish - another late start, but in time for my predicted Pike feeding window.

I fished 2 Pike rods and fished on the tip for bits. My first Pike rod was soon baited and in position - and the float was sailing away within 20 minutes or so. I struck into the take, I was into a good lump - a hard fight ensued when...... Disaster! She shook me free. Damn! The bait still on I recast on to the same spot, literally within 2 minutes I was in again. This time I got the better of the (Same?) fish. A decent double of around 11lb's was a welcome sight.

Allan joined me around 12ish (Just can't keep this guy away from the water, I think I'm a bad influence) all was pretty much quiet and I was landing the odd fish on the tip, when I looked over to my right hand float and was greeted to a great sight, a passing Pike jumped out of the water and hit my bait with much vigour, fabulous! - and what an aggressive fight this one gave me, dragging me left and right and begging me to give it line, once on the bank she looked around 8 to 9lb's, she was in great condition.

One thing is for sure, the Pike were definitely on the feed today, as within an hour the same rod was in again, yet another hard fighting fish of a similar size gave me a good run around.

It's fair to say that I've caught a good head of Pike over the last few years, yet each fish still makes my heart pound like it's the first, I guess it's this attraction that takes me to the water time after time. The day my heart doesn't pound and the adrenaline stops rushing through me will be the day I hang my rods up.

So my score was settled, Friday's session was well and truly put to bed. I was though very greedy today I didn't share any of my catches with Allan, I'm well aware though that he's due another fish.