Sunday, 30 May 2010

Some fishing here and there

I almost feel like a stranger to my own blog these days, it may look like I've lost interest but I can assure you that this isn't the case at all. I'll explain...

This year I decided that I needed to do something about my physical condition. I was over weight and it was time to get in shape, so instead of spending every given hour to fishing I've dedicated some of my spare time to exercise.

I've lost nearly 5 stone to date and I'm starting to notice the difference in my face on my fishing pics, here are two classic examples below...

January -2010

May -2010

So to the fishing, I've fished a few venues over the last few weeks, catching a few decent Tench and another PB Bream of 5lb 1oz along the way, and I also landed my first Carp by design , at around 6lb's though it's hardly worth mentioning. To bring it right up to date I've fished a local water with Allan over the last two days, it's not the easiest of waters, and is far from what you could call a 'Runs Water' but the lake holds some good fish and there is always a chance of hooking into one of the larger residents

A 4lb 5oz Tench was my best fish of all, but not to be out done this time Allan landed 2 Tench his best fish was also a Tench of the same weight of 4lb 5oz.The following day we returned for an afternoons fishing, we both fished the tip. No Tench today but a mixed bag of Perch and Rudd made the day worthwhile.

First Carp of the year -By design

A new Bream PB 5lb 1oz4lb 5oz Tench
Allan Smiling

Allan's 4lb 5oz Tench

It's almost time, oh yes it's nearly here, the river fishing season is almost upon us, I'm looking forward to the coming season, I'm already planning where to fish on the opening day and what tactics to use. Tench and Bream will be my main target, perhaps with the odd Pike thrown in for good measure.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Tench Heaven

Well where to start? I have been fishing over the past few days but I've been too busy to blog. So here is a combined report from my last few sessions. It's worth mentioning that all of my last fishing trips have been on the same venue, which leads me to my next point. If you recognise where I've been fishing then please don't mention on the comments where it was, there are no prizes for guessing correctly and I wouldn't want the water to receive any added pressure through my blogging. Cheers!

Saturday, Day One...

I fished with Allan, and we set about fishing the tip, we were both looking forward to catching some decent fish, perhaps the odd Bream and hopefully some Tench would make a welcome appearance.

In reality though the fishing wasn't what we'd hoped for, the only fish that I landed the whole day were just a few Roach. Allan fared a little better landing a couple of Roach and a hefty sized Bream of 4lb 9oz finished off his session nicely. I blamed my lack of quarry on the fact that I was using only maggot as bait, thus struggling to get through the small sized fish.

Al's fish of the day a 4lb+ Bream

Sunday, Day Two...

And a return to the lake, this time JP wanted in on the action, stories of large tench and big slabs seemingly too hard for him to resist. It was much the same for me though, still on the maggot feeder I only caught a handful of Roach, Allan once again did better a Tench PB of 5lb 8oz and a Bream PB of 6lb sure did put a smile on his face. As for JP well he had the time of his life, catching 7 Tench to 7lb 3oz and a couple of decent sized Bream to boot. I was left kicking the ground and ruing the fact that I'd had two lousy sessions on the trot, next time out though it would be time to up my game!

Al's 6lb Bream and a New PB5lb 8oz Tench
Panto's 7lb 3oz cracker

Wednesday, Day Three...

The last two sessions that I'd had previously were still haunting me, it was time then to change things a little, and that is what I did. The maggot feeder was left on the sub's bench and the method feeder with hair rigged corn was brought out. I was after some good fish and it was time to bring out the big guns. I fished two 1.5 tc rods on the pod with alarms and I sat back and waited for action.

And action is just what I got. It was fish after fish after fish, whilst all around were struggling to get a bite, I was having the time of my life. I shan't bore you with the details of individual catches, that is except for one....

I'd already landed a bag full of Tench and Bream and I was more than happy with my days fishing, I'd had a Red Letter Day and I'd had the results I was hoping for, when out of nowhere my bait runner was stripping off line off the reel like you wouldn't believe. Christ almighty what the hell was I into? The take finally finished but only after pulling around 100 yards or more of line off my reel. I was only on 6lb main line and a 4lb hook length, so I had to just let it do what it wanted to do, after around ten minutes or so the fish slipped into the net, I was surprised to see that I'd landed a Mirror Carp of 11lb 7oz, nothing too special about that I suppose, but consider that there are only around 4 or 5 Carp in the lake, along with the fact that they never come our made the catch all the more special.

I finished the day with a total of 9 Tench to 5lb 10oz. 3 Bream to 4lb 10oz, and a bonus Carp of 11lb 7oz, a good days fishing then and I really enjoyed myself, so much so that I planned an early assault the following morning..

A typical lake 5lb + Tench

11lb 7oz Surprise Carp

Thursday, Day Four...

The alarm was set for 3.15am. This could quite possibly the earliest that I've ever set my alarm to go fishing, I was chomping at the bit to get back on the lake and there was no way on earth anyone was beating me to my peg.

I had my first tench on the bank in less than an hour of arriving, was I going to be into another day of sport on my rods? Only time would tell. The next catch left me stunned! I was landing a large Bream of around 4lb or so, and I was just scooping it into the net when I was truly amazed to see a Pike of about 6lb's also in the net, the greedy blighter had taken a fancy to my Bream, perhaps it was just curious to see what was going on? Either way I photographed it next to the Bream for the archives.

Another fun filled day was had, I landed a total of 7 Tench to 5lb 13oz, and 8 Bream to 4lb 15oz once again beating my PB's by a few ounces. I'll move off this water for a while and I shall head to another lake that I have my eye on, although it is hard to pull yourself off a place that has produced me 16 Tench and 11 Bream and a Mirror Carp in 2 days of fishing, and all a good size to boot. But a new challenge awaits and I can't wait to get stuck into it!

The curious Pike

One of the many Bream 4lb 15oz
A new Tench PB of 5lb 13oz

Front View