Thursday, 31 January 2008

Esox wins again

Went to the Saracens Head stretch of the Leeds Liverpool canal yesterday, arrived at 10.00ish and was fishing from around 10.30. I ledgered a smelt on one rod, and a half mackerel tail on the other, by about 1 O'clock id had no action. I then popped up 2 Mackerel tails, still no joy, so i packed up at 3 O'clock whilst packing up another angler approached, he had been fishing on a lure, he claimed he'd had jacks to 3 pound. As a joke i told him not to cast where id been fishing just in case he caught, he then replied, "nah i never really fish this stretch it never produces" Hah just my luck, i'm going back there again but to a different spot, as i think it has great potential

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Leeds Liverpool Canal Lures

Went to Leeds Liverpool Canal; Started at the Sollom end. I was up rather late, so decided to just chuck out a couple of lures. Walked all the way down from Sollom to Bank Hall bridge. Must have chucked out about 300 casts, and was so used to doing it, when a fish actually took my lure i jumped out my skin, it was only a little Jack of about a 1 lb. I was just reaching for my net when it shook itself free, no great loss, although I'd still like to have landed it. ;-) weather turned rather bad. The wind got up and it started chucking it down.

Monday, 28 January 2008

I'm a complete and utter blanker!

Completely changed my mind this morning, instead of heading for the Leeds Liverpool canal, I decided to go pikeing at the Sixfields stretch of the Sluice, I should have known better as this stretch of water has never yet produced a fish for me whilst dead baiting, I must have fished it 20 odd times, it's my arch nemesis. Today was no different, not even a run! I had a decent size fish on over Christmas and lost it at the net. I will not give up and will eventually net myself a decent size Croc.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

A few pics of recent pikeing trips

me with a little jack on the Leeds Liverpool Canal
me again with a 5lb pike caught at anglezarke reservoir
my mate paul aka Beef, nice hat mate ;-)
making myself home on the Leeds Liverpool canal January 2008
This is my mate mo with a great catch on the sluice
yours truly getting jiggy with a little jack
mo again with another great catch on the sluice, Southport water December 2007

First Post many more to come

Fishing is my absolute passion, i will be using this blog to keep a record of all my catches, including fishing methods, time of catch and weight etc. At the moment i'm concentrating on pikeing and in particular dead baiting, i'm hoping to be out pikeing tomorrow morning on a local stretch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, I'll be using this blog to keep a recordl be trying out a few new techniques that i have lined up.