Friday, 27 February 2009

1 Pike and a surprise catch

I opted for a peg on the Sluice that I had fished twice already this week, I'd had a couple of takes there, but I had blanked on both occasions, never one to be beaten, I decided to give it another crack today. I casually set up my rods at around 10am, to pass the time I decided to fish my whip and catch a few bits, I had a Skimmer Bream, Perch and I also caught a cracking Tench, I was fishing on a 1lb bottom hook link, on a size 22 hook, baited with a single red maggot. What a battle I had trying to land it, it had me all over the place, I'd been snapped a couple of times already, so I was urging this one into the net. Catching this Tench means that spring is well and truly on the way. As for Pike I was to get one run all day, which resulted in a fish of around 8lb's. Well it might not be a fish of legends, but I can head somewhere different next week. :-)

Surprise catch of the day
Once again I look so serious*
*I'd like to point out that my camera has a maximum of 10 seconds for a self timed take, thus causing me to forget to smile :-) Like i've said before I'm smiling on the Inside

Monday, 23 February 2009

Pike! they're a bit like buses

I headed to the Sluice and to an area that doesn't get too much pressure, this proved to be a great move, I was into my first Pike within 20 minutes of setting up, another great scrap, not quite a double though scraping in at around 9lb's, about an hour later I was in again, this time the fish felt bigger, the Pike are really fighting hard at the moment, this mild weather has really woken them up, it took a good few minutes for it to slip into the net, and she was a good weight too, 13lb's 14oz, the importance of always having your whits about you when fishing came into it's own today, as I was fishing 2 rods, and I always keep an eye on the other float when I'm unhooking a capture, a good job too as unbelievably my other float was away, I was in again, and the first pike wasn't even unhooked. I covered the Pike that was on the bank and struck into the second fish, then the unthinkable happened my top section of my FOX Warrior rod snapped, I had to play the fish with a broken rod, no problem, with a bit of maneuvering and keeping the line tight with my other hand she was soon in the net, another good fish too, weighing in at 11lb 4oz. Two doubles on the bank within minutes, this has never happened to me before, and I doubt it'll happen again for a long time if ever. I was fishing on my own, so there aren't any decent photos, just what I could manage on a 10 second self timer. Around an hour later I was in once again, another Pike of 9lb's, all in all a good days fishing, and another first for me, as I've never had 4 fish on the bank in one sitting.

First Pike of the day at 9lb
Two doubles on the bank rather rare for the Sluice
The 11lb 4oz
Both together I'm holding the 13lb 14oz
Last of the day another 9lb'er

Sunday, 22 February 2009

4 Doubles in 4 days

I was on the bank for 7am this morning, it was all part of my plan. I wanted to fish the three pools, and I chose a peg that wouldn't attract other Pikers, there is only room for one piker on this particular section, as I'm rather territorial over my swim, and I expected there to be a few people out fishing today, this place would suit me nicely. At around 8.50 I had my first run, a fish of 12lb 2oz was in the net, around an hour or so later I was in again, and I had a brilliant fight off this Pike, it went ballistic, it took me around 5 minutes to land it, when I had it on the bank I soon figures out why. It wasn't in the best condition, part of it's mouth was ripped, and there was also a trace in it's mouth from a previous encounter with another Piker, the trebles were out of sight and in it's stomach, I snipped the trace but left the hooks well alone, this highlights the importance of having the correct tools on you when out Piking, I always have a set of side cutters in my kit. And that was that, despite my efforts and staying until the edge of dark, I didn't see anymore action. Still I mustn't grumble as I've had a pretty good week this week, 17lb 10oz, 16lb 2oz, 12lb 2oz, 10lb, 9lb, and a 6lb all made it on the bankside this week. Good One!

10lb Pike and a great scrapper!
12lb 2oz (I smile on the inside;-)A closer look at the mouth damage caused by a trace left in it's mouth

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Another Hawg slips into the net

Another Pike league session today, myself and Ben made our way to the Sluice, we decided to fish a section we have often spoken about but never fished before. We were rods in by around 8.30ish. Ben tested out his new stove, which cooked the sausages very nicely :-) much needed bank side fodder. I was just discussing changing tactics from ledgering to a suspended dead bait when I saw my near float start to bob, I was in! A Pike had taken a fancy to one of my Joey mackerel's, the float was well away and I struck into a lump, at first though the fish didn't seem too big, but when it stayed deep and wasn't in a rush to show itself I suspected I was on to another decent fish. When I saw her in the net I realised that I had caught another cracker. The scales showed 16lb 2oz, this shattered my previous PB for the Sluice by around 4lb, interestingly my 2 biggest fish off the Southport drains were caught within 3 days of each other. This was to be the only action myself and Ben had all day, much to Ben's annoyance he blanked, and what makes my catch all the sweeter is that I caught it on a bait that I'd borrowed from him. Muwahhhahahah! :-)

Another Cracker at 16lb 2oz

Friday, 20 February 2009

First session using a Special Bait

Due to the fact that it's half term, I decided to head to a section of 3 pools where I wouldn't be bothered by anyone. I was right, I saw one person all day, I fished from 7.30am until 4.30pm. I missed 3 runs, all three came off on the strike, presumably I was once again being bothered by over ambitious Jack Pike. I had to wait until I was packing up before I had a fish on the bank, a pike of around 9lb's, the Pike fell to a bait that I haven't tried before, I'll refer to the bait as a 'Special Bait' it wasn't in the best of condition, one of it's gill rakers was hanging out, the victim of previous inexperienced piking perhaps? Nonetheless it was still feeding and swam off like a good un'

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My new PB for the Southport Drain

I couldn't decide whether to go piking or not today, I decided to give it a miss, but the mild weather that we were having made me change my mind. This decision proved to be a very good one indeed. I headed back to the swim that I previously labeled as feeling very Pikey, I was rods in by 11am but was to be kept waiting for a few hours for my first fish, a Jack Pike of around 6lb's, no monster, but a blank was spared. Just after 5pm my float was away again, I struck into the take and whilst playing the fish I could see that I was connected to a substantial Pike. A guy I was chatting to was at hand to net the fish, nicely done mate. I was well and truly in the zone, my adrenaline was pumping and I was delighted when the scales showed 17lb 10oz, this is my new drain PB, a nice reward for the recent effort that I've put in.

New Drain PB 17lb 10oz

6lb Pike caught a few hours earlier, check the difference

Friday, 13 February 2009

First Pike in the net from Three Pools

I fancied a change from The Sluice today, so I headed to Three Pools, and in particular to an area that I haven't fished for a couple of years. The area is very untidy but it felt Pikey. I was to be proven correct. My first run resulted i my first Pike ever caught on the Three Pools drain, not one of the bigger residents but at 9lb I wasn't disappointed. I had 3 more runs the first 2 the fish came off on the strike, and the 3rd one the Pike picked up the bait but dropped it before I struck, I'm presuming that there was an over ambitious jack Pike in the area taking a liking to my Mackerel. It was a drag to pack up, as I felt that there was more Pike to be caught. I'll be heading back there a few times next week ;-)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Two days of Blanking

Ben and I headed to The Sluice, hopeful of replicating the results that we had between us yesterday, the fishing though was spoiled by the terrible northern wind that was blowing right down the Sluice. I'm convinced that this puts the fish off feeding. Needless to say we both blanked today, failing to put any points on the board

I was once again taken by surprise by the fact that the drains had once again frozen over. The Back Drain was spared though as it was flowing and escaped the freeze. I have never fished the Back Drain so I was pleased of a change of scenery. I wish the fishing had matched my optimism, as I sat in the freezing cold, snow and sleet with not so much as a hint of a Pike, for too cold for old Esox today.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Shift change on the bank

The Conditions looked great today, I headed down to the Sluice and I was quite optimistic of catching. I was to be kept waiting until around 12 O'clock before I had a fish on the bank. A Pike of around 7lb's. The rest of the day was very quiet. I was just about to pack up when I turned to my left to see Ben sneaking up on me, he'd decided to fish in the afternoon. I had other commitments so he took over my peg. I hate him now! As in my absence he caught a 5lb and a 13lb 8oz, what a cracker :-( Damn they should have been my fish, there is one bonus though, he's gutted that they don't count in our Pike league. :-)