Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back on the Pike

A hat trick of blanks left me more determined to get back into some action on the Pike. A change of section on the sluice and it was time for a change in tactics. As I've previously reported - the task of catching bait on the feeder was becoming more and more difficult, so it's time to bring out the dead baits. I didn't get a touch on them for the first hour or so. I was having a discussion with fellow blogger and Piker - 'Paddy Pike' something about that I'm not a believer in flavouring baits with 'Catch the angler' type flavourings that are on the market, when my float with an' au-natural' bait was under and away. I was in! A Pike of around 9lb, perhaps a scraper double was my reward for a tactic change. Paddy was left muttering something like "B@llocks to flavourings" and I think it was mentioned that I'd poached the Pike from his swim, which if we're being technical I'd have to agree with him, still I was there first :)

A few hours later and Allan paid a surprise visit, he only stayed for a few hours but long enough to see me land my second Pike of the session. A passing Pike of around 8lb's had taken a paternoster Perch bait offering.

I intended on packing up today at 5pm - however I decided to stick it out for a sneaky extra hour, and eventually calling it a day at 6 O'clock - the news had just started and I was about to pack up, when I caught sight of my float disappearing under a fizz of bubbles, brilliant timing I was in again, on the strike it felt like a decent lump a certain double, a 5 minute battle ensued and this Pike was hell bent on heading for the reed bed under my feet, the photo below shows that I won the battle, an estimated weight of 11 to 12lb's was a good end to the day, I'm glad I stayed on for the extra hour. Back on the Pike and it's good to be back.

Best fish of the day