Monday, 14 September 2009

Pike on the tip

The temptation to stay in bed was great, however the temptation to go fishing was greater. Myself and Allan set for a days Piking. We headed to our reservoir of choice, and were rods in by 6am. I fished on the tip for bait and was soon into fish, both Pike rods were baited up - the waiting game had started......

However between myself and Allan we didn't get so much as a beep all day. It would seem that they were not interested in out offerings today. I was though hassled by an intrusive Pike or two- that on 7 occasions I either had my fish that I'd caught on the tip taken when just landing or returning it to the water. I tried everything to catch the little blighter, particularly sink and draw, but it out foxed me every time.

I wasn't to be denied Pike action though and was treated to a great fight on my tip rod - a Pike of around 5lb's had taken an interest in my double Dendrobaena worm. offering. I've said this before and I'll say it again Pike on the tip are great fun.

No Pike for Allan today........... Good! :)

Pike! But not by design