Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's a waiting game

I had a plan today - and my plan was to head to an area of the Sluice that i haven't fished too often, I was merrily on my way to my new destination when I caught sight of 'Johnny Panto' and with this I changed my mind on heading to the new stretch and instead decided to fish near the snaggle and have a bit of a chat.

As usual I fished 2 dead bait rods and cast them into place as soon as I arrived. The conditions were pretty windy today and made fishing on the pole rather difficult, I did though catch more than enough bait for the day.

Panto seemed to be having the spoils of the fishing, and as my floats lay motionless, he selfishly landed 2 Pike. Curses!

Eventually as the clock was nearing half four it was my turn, my float and with some speed disappeared under the water. I struck into the take and I was treated to another good fight, the Pike are still fighting very hard at the moment and the sport that they provide really is a great reward for the expectant angler, it's always a disappointment when they give up and glide into the net, the heart thumping fight is what makes it all worth while

And that was that. Another session where I've picked up just the one fish, another double though so who am I to complain! I thought that I was on to a definite blank today and regretted not sticking to my plans to try my different stretch.

As for Panto well he really rubbed my nose in it landing a total of 4 Pike, the biggest being around 11 pounds.

The Piking Blues Brother Phew! I had to wait for this one