Monday, 19 October 2009

Two doubles and two Jacks

Back on the drain, and I pretty much left off where I finished on Saturday. I fished three dead baits, two on the bottom and one suspended on a paternoster. I also used the experimental bait again, which was the first rod to get a taste of the action, I pulled out of the fish though, no great loss as I saw the fish and it was a pretty small Jack. The bait was still intact and being rather curmudgeonly I cast it back to the same spot.

The drain starting pumping at some pace soon after, and it made holding the bottom impossible. I had to bring all three rods in and double up on the weights, job sorted and I was fishing again.

My Froogle bait saving techniques from earlier paid off, as once again the (Experimental) bait was off and away. The result was a great fish of 14lb 14oz, but if I'm honest it wasn't the hardest fighting fish I've ever landed, perhaps it's been caught a few times and knows the routine. Maybe it was thinking "lets just get this over with". This is the biggest fish of my dead bait campaign so far this season.

The paternoster dead baits, picked me up two fish today, a rooting Jack of around 3lb's and a better Pike of around 10lb's. The latter of the Pike was pretty strange looking, it had a deformity and had a humped back. I'll certainly recognise that one if I ever catch it again.

One more fish on this session and another Jack of around 3lb's or so had also taken a liking to the experimental bait.

Well I'm becoming a little convinced that the bait that I keep referring to as the experimental bait is a winner, 3 fish and 4 runs in two sessions will do for me. My theory is that it's a little different and they probably don't see this bait too often, it's thinking out of the box with things like this that catch you fish.

14lb 14oz
Different angle The Hunchback

One of the rooting Jacks