Saturday, 17 October 2009

Al's curse continues and my experiment pays off

A session on the drains with Allan was arranged, we arrived just before sunrise, hopefully today was to be the day that Al would finally put an end to rotten luck that has bestowed him of late.

I changed things about a bit today, I chose a bait that I've only ever used once or twice, and to date. I've yet to catch on it, my plan was to leave this bait out until it was (Hopefully) taken. I also fished a paternoster dead bait, not a technique that I'd normally go for but I was in an experimenting mood, so the hell with it.

Allan was the first to get a taste of the action, I caught sight of him scrambling down the bank side, I made my way down to assist with the netting when.... Well his face said it all, the fish had come off. How cruel this fishing game can be. To make things worse soon after my float was away and it was my turn, literally my turn as I was in to a good old lump and I too lost the fish. Damn!

Not to worry though as the experimental bait was in. Not the hardest fighting fish, a double maybe? Certainly not worth getting the scales out for. A short time later the paternoster dead bait was in, I struck in to the take, but there was nothing there, I'd had my bait robbed.

Soon enough though it was 'Reuben Heaton time' a scavenging Pike had found my old faithful bait, and what a scrapper, taking around 5 minutes to get under control. I thought this fish was going to push 13lb's onwards, not so, as it weight 11lb 14oz, I wasn't complaining though.

Sadly no fish again for Al, who is now convinced that I only invite him along on the fishing trips so that I have someone to take pictures of my captures. Don't worry mate you'll soon be in to them again. My experiments paid off, and I'll definitely give give them another try out next time...

Caught on the experimental bait

11lb 14oz scrapper
Same fish, different angle