Friday, 23 October 2009

Someplace different

A change of scenery was called for today, instead of heading to the drains, myself and Jonny Panto headed to a couple of different locations.

First stop : The river Yarrow and our target was to be Chub on the jig. We tried a few locations creeping down the banks and fighting through the undergrowth, but none of the swims produced fish, except my last one, I found a deep hole and took great pleasure in watching a chublet spot my Jig and hit it with great force.

Second stop : The Leeds Liverpool canal, but a section that neither of us has fished before, our target this time was to be Perch. It didn't quite workout that way though, as I didn't get so much as a follow from one. I did manage to catch something - a Jack Pike of around 2lb's. I caught it on very light tackle and got a great fight. This section of the canal looks pretty Pikey and I'd like to head back there soon and target Pike on dead baits.

Yarrow Chub

Great fun on light tackle