Wednesday, 14 October 2009

All in the magic hour

I couldn't resist heading back to the same swim that I fished yesterday, I wasn't the only one that had this idea, as no sooner had I set up when I was joined by Panto, hearing of my three fish on the bank yesterday the temptation to head my way seemingly too hard to resist.

I fished two dead bait rods, and quickly baited them up with my favourite bait. Despite an early(ish) start it wasn't until the 'magic hour' until I hooked into my first fish, another double of around 10lb's was soon followed by a smaller fish of around 8lb's, which I may add was so lightly hooked that it was a miracle that I even landed it, thus highlighting the importance of always keeping the line tight when playing a fish - right up until the point that it glides into the net, there was no need to reach for the pliers on this one as the hook had already come free lifting her on to the bank. "Yikes!"

I stayed until dusk but I didn't have any more action. Panto caught also caught 2 fish, one low double and a Jack of around 8lb's interesting similar catches and all around the same time. Funny old game this fishing lark isn't it!

A lean mean double

A chubby Jack