Monday, 12 October 2009

Two's company three's a crowd

Back to the drains and a session with Panto was arranged. I'd set my dead bait traps and I was happily fishing on the pole when I caught sight of another angler making his way down the bank, to my shock and horror he set up in between myself and Panto. Not so bad if he was only coarse fishing but he was Piking. Those that know me better would tell you that I like my own space when I'm fishing, my point that I often raise is that there are miles and miles of water to fish, why come and plonk yourself next to me? He was completely within his rights to fish there of course, so I did the decent thing, I bid my farewell to Panto and packed my stuff up and moved peg.

This turned out to be a great move, as within 5 minutes of heading to my new swim I was in, a pretty decent Pike too weighing bang on 11lb's, within the hour I was in again, a Pike of around 6 to 7lb's was the result. An hour or so later one more run and the final fish of the day, another Pike weighing exactly 11lb's. I've checked the tails on the photographs and it wasn't the same fish. Every Pike has unique tail markings, and this article by Neville Fickling goes into some interesting detail.

Fig 1

Fig 2