Thursday, 15 October 2009

A couple of rooting Jacks

I made my way to the drain, and I was greeted by an eerie sight, the fields were covered in a thick fog and there wasn't a sound to be heard, the silence finally broken by a skein of Canada geese flying over head. I made my way to my peg, hoping to grab a couple of shots to capture the moment, alas by the time I got there the fog had lifted. Damn! Never mind I'm here to catch fish so lets get to it.

The drain was pumping back on itself today, and bringing with it big clumps of weed, this played havoc, as the weed would amass and gather around the floats, forcing recasts more often than I'd like. The best way to try and combat this scenario is to point your rod to the sky and try and keep your line clear of the water.

Once again my floats remained above the waterline all morning, until just like the day before the 'magic hour' arrived. I was weighing up my right hand float debating a re-cast as there was a bit of weed covering my float, when I saw it bob, I'm in! OK so not the biggest fish I've ever caught but a Jack was soon posing for a photograph (You never know this could be my only catch of the day, the blog looks more interesting with a pic or two and perhaps save you having to read my drivel! ).

Around an hour later, my left hand float was gone and the Pike-strike was so violent that line was peeling off my reel at some pace, an immediate strike was called for, a good fighting Jack of around 7lb's was netted.

Allan joined me for the last few hours, despite his efforts he wasn't to be rewarded with any Pike on his ad-hoc session.

And once again, my runs for the day came to an abrupt end. All my Pike this week, have come mid-morning until early afternoon. Is it a feeding pattern? Is it a coincidence? Who knows, one things for sure I've had some good sport this week taking 7 fish on three sessions. I'm not one of these fishermen that gets hung up on catching big fish, as long as my floats under and away That will do me just nicely.

Not really worth taking a picture of
but it's something to look at
Another Jack