Friday, 2 October 2009

Thats the and of Tench fishing

The cold weather and the fact that I'll be consentrating on Pike exclusively until probably around March will pretty much put an end to my Tench season, infact I don't think I've fished for them since sometime in August.

I really enjoyed clonking into some cracking hard fishing Tench this summer, pound for pound they give you a great fight. The best of the bunch weighing in at 4lb, so I didn't land any of the 5 to 6lb ones that I hear grace the water, maybe next year.

I found the best method by far to be ledgered hair rigged double sweetcorn - fished over a bed of brown crumb a tactic that I shall revert back to next season.

Total =28
Season PB = 4lb 0oz

What a bar of Gold!

The season PB