Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Static vs Leapfrogging

I decided that I would leapfrog down the drains rather than staying static today. Actually I did a bit of both. I wanted to see if moving about produced anymore fish. My plan was to fish on the first peg until 11.30 and then up sticks and move about a bit.

On occasion of late I have struggled to fit mid doubles into my FOX Predator net, it's just not up to the job. I had an old carping net in the garage which I'd kept in case it ever came in handy, I was talking to Dave Lumb the other week about Piking nets and he recommended using some mesh that he had in stock, finally I could make use of the old net here is a linky to Daves website DLST he only sells quality gear and his range of rods are what most Pikers aspire to , sadly I can't afford any yet, but they're on my list.

The action at first was pretty slow until I caught a tiny Pike and an average Perch on the Jig. I was about to pack up and start about my journey when I caught sight of a fizz of bubbles near my right hand float was there a Pike in the area? Seconds later this thought was confirmed as the float bobbed and then vanished under the water at some pace, it would seem that this Pike had read the script today as the time was bang on 11.30. A good strong Pike had taken my bait a nice lump too, probably around 12lb's or so.

Time for the move, I walked to the complete other end of the drain, this would make things easier for my return journey at dusk. I fished all three rods on my 'Old Faithful' bait, this I thought would give me a better chance of landing some more fish.

I may as well have stayed put, as I didn't get so much as a snifter during the rest of the session. The leapfrogging/Static debate is inconclusive, and in my opinion without proper research will remain so. There is something appealing making camp and sitting it out rather than going to the effort of keeping on the move. My point is that the drain is like a road for Pike and as long as you cast to the right spots and you're using good bait and the right tactics they'll come along in the end.

Now that's a net
The new net christened :)
These are what you come for