Saturday, 24 October 2009

Definitely a brolly day

The weather man tried his best to stop me going fishing today, he warned of a massive band of rain that was to empty it's payload over the northwest. Needless to say it didn't work, that's why the umbrella was invented.

I made my way to the drain and managed to set up camp before the impending downpour arrived. As promised it made it's unwelcome appearance at around 9am, bringing with it some powerful gales.

I was weighing up the job doubting that I'd catch in these conditions, when my float bobbed under and was away. A Pike of around 7lb's or so led me a merry dance, tail walking and clearing the water by a couple of feet in the process.

Mid afternoon and the rain finally died away, but the winds remained relentless. On more than one occasion I feared I may lose my umbrella.

It was a long wait until I saw my float move again, a peculiar take revealed perhaps the smallest Pike that I have ever caught on a dead bait, a pound in weight if I was lucky. I spared myself and the Pikes humiliation by not photographing it and returning it to the water post haste.

Now it's at this point that I should have called it a day, gone home and put my feet up. But oh-no I stayed until the end, the rain came back thus giving me a soaking as I packed up. I never seem to learn, I suppose I never will either. I am the 'Just one last cast and you never know I may catch kind of guy'

Better than a blank!