Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Al's back on the Pike and a great catch for me

A trip to my local drain was planned, but the amount of rain that fell the day before forced me to change venue and head to the reservoir instead.

Myself and Al arrived at around 8.30am. I fished two dead bait rods and also fished the tip for baits. It wasn't too long until one of my rods was in, hardly the biggest Pike in the water though a Jack of around 2lb's wasn't exactly going to break any records. Hours came and passed and I was catching a good head of Skimmers on the Tip, when finally and putting an end to his recent blanking sessions Allan was into a well deserved Pike, "Heeeeaaavvvvy fish Matt" he proclaimed. It was no leviathan but a Pike of around 7lb's certainly wasn't to be sniffed at. This fish has been a long time coming, and I have to hand it to him, as Allan had gone through a very dry spell of late, he's had many a session without landing a Pike, he never moaned once mumbled a few "The fishing gods are being cruel to me" perhaps, but he was commited to the cause and stook at it. Well done mate!

The sun was getting ready to set, time to start to pack up, I packed the first rod away, and I was reeling in the second one when a Pike from nowhere smashed into my bait.... But missed DAMN! I plopped the bait back into the water and it hit it again. Yessssssssssssss! I let it run off with the bait for a few seconds and then struck into it. It was no monster around 9lb's possibly a scraper double, but boy did I have fun catching it, watching it smash into the bait right under my feet and heading off to the depths to eat it's victim was fabulous. These are the moments that I fish for.