Saturday, 2 February 2008

A fish is a fish, is a fish!

Went to the Leeds Liverpool Canal with my new purchases. A Drennan spinning rod and a Shimano exage reel, i was hoping to christen my new items. And after about 30 mins i'm happy to report that i did. Although it was hardly a net buster, a Jack Pike of around a pound. I walked up to the Rufford Old Hall section, and was quite surprised when my Dad turned up for a nosey. I even got him to chuck a few lures out, i think he quite liked the idea of Lure fishing as he said he'd like to give it another go. After walking as far as the Causeway at rufford i turned back, i'd been fishing for around 4 hours. I stopped off behind Rufford Old Hall again, and caught 2 Jack Pikes within around 2 mins. Not a bad result, The first time on my new rod and reel and caught 3 ;0)

First Catch

Second Catch

Third Catch