Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Beacon View lots of bites and 4 Bream

Decided to try out my new Carping rigs and Rod pod today. So I made my way to Beacon View Fishery. Set off quite early and got there for just after 7 o'clock. It was rather windy and this played havoc with my bite alarms. They were beeping practically all day. I was using a bolt rig on all three rods, with a size 8 or 6 hook hair rigged with a big piece of luncheon meat. This was primarily to target the big Sturgeon in there. I was plagued by nuisance all day, i worked out that my alarms were beeping all day because little fish were nibbling at my big chunks of meat. How to get around this problem? I tackled down and changed to a size 10 hook and hair rigged a small cube of Luncheon meat, within around 10 minutes I had my first fish on the bank. A skimmer bream of about 1lb. In total I caught 4 of them and all within the space of an hour. My first bream of the year. I stayed fishing well into the dark finally packing up at 8ish. (I mostly stayed this late so i could try out my new head torch ;-) Luckily I have a very understanding partner, she even had my tea ready when I came home. So no monsters caught this time then and my Carp record still stands at an embarrassing 8lb 10oz to be fair though I caught that on a pole and have only just started to target larger fish. I will catch myself a 20 pound plus this season if it kills me.
Moon Phase = Green
Catches = 4