Monday, 11 February 2008

Sixfields and Beef's quest for a double!

Arrived nice and early for what promised to be a great day for Pikeing, after my recent double catch, expectations were high. Beef and I after a short discussion opted for the leap frogging technique. We walked for what was the best part of a mile and set up base. The idea is that throughout the day if no Pike had showed we would move further up towards where we had parked. Thus less of a walk back with all the gear. I let Beef try out my new Spinning rod, showed him a wobbling rig, and the little blighter caught after about 6 chucks. Although of no size just about scraping 3lb and that was the only fish we saw all day. No runs no bites a very slow day. Beef was chuffed with his catch and didn't waste any time in reminding me that he caught and i blanked. "It's all in the technique" Cheek of it ;-)