Sunday, 3 February 2008

River Yarrow

A very windy and blustery day, not ideal fishing conditions at all, and only an idiot would go fishing in that. So I packed my rod and reel and off I went. Firstly I had a look around the Bretherton Anglers lake. I'm most impressed with this water, and I'm looking forward to fishing it in the Spring. There are plenty of features and apparently a good head of fish. I chucked a few lures out but i wasn't expecting to catch. I didn't! I then headed over to the River Yarrow and chucked out a few more lures, after 20 minutes of no action I headed over to the weir pool. I changed over to a larger lure, after around 5 minutes I felt something hit my line, at first I thought id hit a branch or some debris in the water. Then it surfaced, a rather healthy looking pike which assisted by the tow of the Yarrow put up a great fight on my little Spinning rod. I eventually landed it and it weighed in at 5lb 11oz. This Happens to be my new personal best pike so I was rather pleased. Still not caught my first double yet. I will not give up and will soon land a double and i have promised myself a 20lb'er before this year is out.