Thursday, 31 January 2008

Esox wins again

Went to the Saracens Head stretch of the Leeds Liverpool canal yesterday, arrived at 10.00ish and was fishing from around 10.30. I ledgered a smelt on one rod, and a half mackerel tail on the other, by about 1 O'clock id had no action. I then popped up 2 Mackerel tails, still no joy, so i packed up at 3 O'clock whilst packing up another angler approached, he had been fishing on a lure, he claimed he'd had jacks to 3 pound. As a joke i told him not to cast where id been fishing just in case he caught, he then replied, "nah i never really fish this stretch it never produces" Hah just my luck, i'm going back there again but to a different spot, as i think it has great potential