Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Sluice produces the goods

Biggest fish of the day 8lb 10oz5lb 14oz
5lb 4oz

After yesterday's early start and late finish, I wasn't going to go fishing today. However after looking at the weather report and the moon phase, I just couldn't resist. So another early start beckoned and the alarm was set for 6 o'clock again. I opted for a Pikeing session on the Sluice. Arrived in good time and it wasn't too long before i had my first Pike on the bank. It fell for a ledgered Mackerel. Not the biggest of fish, weighing in at 5lb 4oz. About an hour later another run followed, swiftly landed and weighed in at 5lb 14oz. After a little doze i was woken by the sound of my alarm screeching again. A little groggy and not 100% awake i struck into the fish and soon realised my mistake. I had forgotten to set the reel and knock the bail arm off, end result was a lost fish and a big ball of line. DOH! Not to worry as another Pike was soon taking a fancy to another ledgered Mackerel. A good scrap followed and eventually netted, this one was slightly bigger weighing 8lb 10oz. I was still unhooking this one when would you believe it my other rod was on to another Pike. This has never happened to me before. I had no option but to try and bully this fish in as i was in a slight pickle with the fish on the bank as one of the hooks was in an awkward position. Alas it came off just as I was about to land it. Awkward hook situation was soon sorted, and I was grateful for having various tools to hand, as hook cutters were needed for this one. Today by all accounts was a great day for Pikeing. It was slightly Overcast, there hadn't been too much rain the day before so the drain wasn't pumping too hard, and the Moon phase was excellent as it was just moving into the last quarter. I will be paying a lot of attention to the moon and it's phases from now on. I will be doing various tests and reports will follow. I had to pack up early to pick up Ellie from school. I'm convinced that I'd have caught more fish today. I may just have to have another go on Saturday. Not too long left until close season.

Moon Phase = Red
Catches = 3