Thursday, 14 February 2008

A weird day at Beacon View

Another visit to Beacon View Fishery, my main target was Sturgeon. Fished on 2 rods. Chucked the first rod out and was just taking my second rod out of the bag, when my alarm started beeping, this was after only 30 seconds to a minute. I struck into it and started to reel in, something didn't feel quite right. I could feel the fish on but i could tell something was wrong. As the fish surfaced I could see immediately what the problem was. I had managed to cast my line into another anglers line who had been snapped off. I'd somehow managed to lock leads with the other rigs lead. After a little fight I managed to net the fish, which turned out to be a Common just short of 7lb. It was then that i had a real eye rubbing moment. 9 days previously the day that Beef caught his 7lb Sturgeon in my absence on my rod. Beef overcast his rod and hit a tree on the far bank, the end result to this was his line snapping and full loss of tackle in the water. Unbelievably the Carp which I'd caught had taken the bait attached to the rig and had been swimming around with all the rig and line still attached. What amazes me the most about this is that it was me that caught it, and that it had managed to avoid capture for a period of up to 9 days. And that I hooked it in under a minute. The Carp was returned to the water in good condition and carrying a little less luggage ;-) It's worth a mention that there were a few anglers on the water and the only other fish that I saw being caught was a small Sturgeon, and that had been foul hooked. Was approached by a lad who wanted to sell some of his old Carping gear. I did a deal and bought the lot. I ended up with some pretty good gear.

Recovered rig Common carp minus accessories