Friday, 29 February 2008

When I stuck my head out the door to check on the weather this morning it looked like a very good pikeing day. I checked the Met Office website and it said that the day was going to get progressively worse. I had arranged to meet Beef at Sixfields so i decided to gamble and hope that the Met Office had got it wrong. This was a bad move as at 9am the weather indeed took a turn for the worse and it started to pour down, this wasn't too bad but the 50 mile an hour gusts of winds that followed made it virtually impossible to fish. We did manage to get a run on one rod though; but the Pike managed to shake itself free. It looked a good size too, possibly a low double. We decided to call it a day by about 1 O'clock, as we both knew we had been beaten by the weather. A Pikeless session but we did have a good laugh. Check out our new headcam footage, no expense spared with our gadgets. An elastic band around my head ;-)

Weather Footage