Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Beacon View The Return

Met Beef at 7.30 at Beacon View. And was very eager to get fishing. Surely this will be the day that I break my course fishing record, a measly 8lb 10oz carp caught on my pole at Hurlston Hall fishery last year. About an hour after fishing I had to leave the fishery to pick Ellie up as she was off school poorly. I was away for just under an hour. On my way back I phoned Beef to see if he'd caught, his reply was "No" around 10 seconds later I heard my alarm start screaming, it had happened I'd had a run whilst I was away, and he caught a Sturgeon on my rod. Weighing in at 7lb I wasn't put out by this, in fact I was made up he'd caught his first fish this year. When I got back he was still shaking with excitement. This turned out yet again to be the only fish caught on the lake in 8 hours of fishing.