Monday, 4 February 2008

A trip to Beacon View Fishery

For a change from Pikeing I arranged to meet Beef at Beacon view Fishery, here we would have a bash at carping and see if we could winkle out a Sturgeon or two. There are rumours of a Sturgeon to 30lb's in this lake. And after a reccy yesterday I spoke to two lads, they showed me one of their catches of the day, a 16lb Sturgeon! So excitement was plentiful. I Was fishing by around 8ish, and by about 10 past 8, I had landed my first fish, a Sturgeon weighing in at 7lb 2oz. Caught on a small section of (Secret Bait!) I'm going to be in for a good day today I thought. Beef arrived at around 9ish. He was gutted he'd missed out on the action. "Not to worry mate they're feeding today we're in for a good un!" Alas famous last words. Apart from a couple of runs we never saw another fish all day. In fact up until 5.30 when we packed up, nobody else had caught not even a bite alarm had bleeped. As Beef has another day off work tomorrow, we've decided to head back there. We have arranged to meet at 7.30am. I want one of those big sturgeon!