Saturday, 23 February 2008

Brilliant Session and a Pike Legend

Decided to have an early start today. And was rod's in by 7 o'clock. Had three rods out all on Mackerel dead baits. Had a run after about an hour, but it came off during the fight. I was quite disappointed. I soon re baited with another Mackerel. After about another hour my alarm was screeching off again. This time I managed to land the fish, and weighing in at 9lb, I was rather pleased. The hooks came out in the net so this fish was only lightly hooked. I had just about de-slimed myself when i could see the angling legend Gord Burton walking over. Gord gave me loads of advise and hints and tips. He went through my rigs and told me that they were spot on. Which i was rather pleased with. He stood for over 3 hours chatting to me. He has so many stories he's a real character. He really is one of the nicest guy's you could meet. I discussed the possibility of going out with him on his boat on to windermere, this is an opportunity too good to miss, so I'll arrange something next week. I gave him some of my fishing weights that I'd recently acquired from a mate. I could see that he'd taken a liking to them so i duly obliged. In return i got him to pose for a couple of pics with me. A fabulous day a 9lb pike, and i met and chatted to an all time angling legend. Cheers Gordie you're a true gent!

Moon Phase = Red
Catches = 1