Monday, 26 May 2008

Hurlston Hall on a Bank Holiday Monday.... You having a laugh?

Common Carp 9lb 6oz

It's Bank Holiday Monday, and that means one thing to me. Fishing! So after a good few hours of deliberating where to fish today I settled on giving Rosemary Wood another crack. I arrived there at 7.15am to find that the gate was still locked. I waited until around 7.45am still locked. I drove to Hurlston Hall to see how busy it was, surprisingly it wasn't that bad, I joined the queue and I lasted there for around 5 minutes, there was a gang of around 5 lads and they were already acting like idiots, so I took this as a sign of things to come and headed back to Rosemary Wood, which unbelievably was still not open waited once again (Now in a queue) until 8.15am I lost my patience and for my sins headed back to Hurlston. What a nightmare, I was up at 6.00am this morning as I wanted to make a day of it. I was finally rods in by around 9.00am Grrrrrrrrrrrr! The wind was still howling like a demented banshee, so made fishing hard work again. There wasn't too amny people fishing there today, it would seem that the winds and the threat of rain had put them well off. Around 4.00pm I had a screaming run on my left hand rod, a Carp had succumbed to a double fake sweetcorn and a smattering of free offerings. I struck into the fish and I felt the weight of a very big fish, when disaster happened. Unforgivably my main line snapped. Lets just say that I will be investing in some more reliable line this coming week, although if I'm honest it was probably a nick in the line caused by me when getting tangled in a tree or something similar, but I'm not prepared to take any more chances. I had to wait until around 7.30pm until I landed my first and only fish of the day. A fabulous fighting Common Carp which battled for around 5 minutes. It weighed 9lb 6oz, and was a fine example of some of the residents of Hurlston Hall, and which is why I return there time and time again. Admittedly it's not the best of waters but it's good value for money at £6 for two rods and £7 for 3 it's a great water for trying out new rigs and techniques.