Saturday, 10 May 2008

Relaxing Day at Twin Lakes

Biggest catch of the dayDusk at Twin Lakes

A nice relaxing day at Twin Lakes today, far removed from the Circus of other waters. My chosen fishing method was once again my Feeder rod. My first cast of the day produced a little Skimmer Bream of around 3oz. I was getting a bite a cast early on. Noticeably the lake seemed to switch off after dinner until around half four, myself and other anglers struggled to even get a bite. In total I caught 22 fish today, mostly Skimmer Bream (The biggest around a pound and a half) the odd Roach and a few Eels. I hate the things, the way they crawl up your line and leave slime everywhere. This fish is my least favourite, and I like to avoid them at all costs (Blurrrgh!)

Getting Sniggy with it!