Monday, 2 June 2008

Wyreside on St Michael the return

Fully loaded and ready to go
Another 24 hour session was booked onto Wyreside On St Micheal. The last time Myself and Beef fished there we didn't get much action, apparently this was down to the fact that the Carp had started spawning. We decided to purposefully target the Catfish in the lake which run up to a staggering 41 lb. The traps were set and we settled down for the night. I was very comfortable, as I'd upgraded to a Nash indulgence bed chair and a T F Gear Force 8 bivvy. However the fishing was once again disappointing, not so much as a twitch or a beep in the night, in fact not even the whole time we were there. Once again we both blanked on this water. Our conclusion for this venue is as follows..... Although it is a very well kept fishery, and the fish are large and plentiful, there are 15 pegs on this lake which for it's size is around 8 or 9 too many. It is a victim of it's own success as it is highly pressured by other anglers. We will have to give this venue a wide berth for now. The highlight of the session was when I crept up on Beef's peg and pulled his line, he very nearly fell in the water. The footage can be watched below ;-)