Thursday, 15 May 2008

Rosemary Wood

I arranged to met Beef at Rosemary Wood fishery today, we had decided to fish this venue because the last time we fished there Beef had blanked. This water is proving to be an enigma for the both of us. Although we hear reports that the lake is stocked with a good head of double figure Carp we're yet to see any being caught, either by ourselves or other anglers. I caught a total of 6 fish today, the largest being around only 3lb. Amazingly Beef had to wait around 12 hours before his first run, we had started fishing at around 7.0oam and it was just after 7.00pm before his bite alarms screamed into action. In total Beef caught only 3 fish, again the biggest only around the 3lb mark. The guy who owns the lake stopped for a chat, he told us that the fish are still spawning and he assured us that there are some big fish in the lake. We'll give it one more go in a couple of weeks.