Monday, 5 May 2008

The Circus has most definitely come to town

The question is why? Why did I do it? What on earth possessed me to go to Hurlston Hall on a Bank Holiday Monday? I had other options, much better options, I could have gone Pikeing at Anglezarke reservoir I could have relaxed and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of a beautiful nature reserve. But I didn't, instead I seem to enjoy punishing myself by venturing to this water time and time again at it's busiest periods. The place was absolutely full of mindless idiots. Hurling abuse at each other and at other anglers, the profanities are loud and free flowing, and never have I seen such awful fish handling, from being dropped on their heads to being chucked onto the banking without the use of an unhooking mat. An awful sight. Lines were cast without a care or thought for other anglers, many a line was cast into my area. I'm sick to death of them, They know who they are! I saw a few fish come off today, most of them came from right opposite me. The biggest was aledgedly 24lb. My catches for the day are as follows.................................., that concludes today's captures. A gut wrenching blank! Where i ask you is the justice in that? The only good things about today are that my mate Ben came down for a few hours and that my Mrs came with a Dominoes Pizza take away. Like my post title says 'The circus has most definitely come to town'