Friday, 2 May 2008

A very half hearted attempt at lure fishing today, made my way to my local lake Bretherton and Croston, I really am struggling to get to grips with this water, this is because it is so weedy, every time I retrieve my lure it comes back looking like it's wearing a wig. I soon gave up and went to the Canal. I lasted there around 20 minutes, I returned home as I was less than enthusiastic as I was so tired. Had another sneaky session just before sunset, didn't catch though. I was talking to a guy who apparently often walks his dog on this section, he asked me quite a few questions about Pikeing, he then told me that a few weeks earlier he'd found a lure in the spot we were chatting at, I couldn't believe it, he'd found my Abu-Garcia lure that I'd lost there a few weeks ago, he told me that he didn't take it home and that he'd left it there hanging on a post. Gutted! So close to being re-united.