Sunday, 25 May 2008

Hurlston hall on a Bank Holiday weekend you'd have to be mad!

First Common Carp caught on 360 rig
As the title would suggest you would have to be mad to fish Hurlston hall on a bank holiday weekend. But the weather wasn't too clever and was blowing an absolute howler. So I guessed that this would put off a lot of the numpty's that would normally grace the bank. I was right, it wasn't as packed as normal. I headed to the bottom of the lake to the middle peg which is more isolated. I set my bivvy up and settled down for the day. By 5.00pm I hadn't even had a bite. I decided to do something that whilst carping I hadn't done before, pack up and change peg. I favoured one of the pegs near the biggest patch of lilly pads. In all I caught 2 Carp both around the 7 to 8lb mark. Not the best of sessions today, and 60+ mph winds certainly had it's effects on the day.