Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Two sessions in one day on the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Typical Skimmer Bream

Large Eel caught on a single maggot

A session on my Tip rod at the Leeds Liverpool canal at Sollom was today's choice of fishing. Although the fishing was rather slow, I did catch 4 Skimmer Bream, and a pretty big Eel, it was definitely the biggest Eel I have ever caught, it was over 2 foot long and was caught on a single red maggot. I tried the calming down trick you're supposed to to with Eel's by covering their eyes and stroking their backs. It worked! Amazing! It stayed on the spot where I left it until I touched it. I shot some footage of this on my camera (See clip) If the weather holds out tonight I'm going to head back there until dark...........

The Return!

I arrived back at the canal at around 7.30pm. And made my way back to the same spot I was fishing at earlier in the day. It took me a while to get my first bite and when it came it was another Eel, again quite a mature Eel and easily over a pound in weight. In total I caught 3 Eels and a Bream of around 1lb 7oz. Not a lot of fish, but it was great experience for fishing into the dark on my tip rod. A few more night sessions are definitely on the cards. I finally called it a day at 11.30pm