Friday, 9 May 2008

"We're not being competitive today, but how many fish have you had?"

Twin lakes was the destination again today. Met Beef in the car park at 8.45 am. We had decided to have a nice relaxing day away from the rat race at our local Carp waters. I fished on my Feeder rod and was soon into fish. In total I caught 16, mostly Skimmers and a few Roach, no fish of any size. Beef fished on his Match rod and was also catching well, finishing his session with 12 fish. I might add at this point that although he will not admit it, Beef is very competitive. He decided today that we would not be competing and there would be no winners or losers, how come then he kept asking how many fish I'd caught? Also how come he wouldn't let me forget that he caught the biggest fish of the day? ;-) Just as I was about to pack up I hooked into a fish that was much bigger in size, line was peeling off my reel and my rod was bent right over, after a battle of around 5 minutes my hook length snapped. Gutted! Still it's settled a debate that I was having with myself again. Where should I fish tomorrow? I'll head back there, I've bought 2 pints of maggots, so I'm well armed for a long session.